Remote Resources

Remote Resources

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Remote Working Tools

Communicate effectively with your colleagues and the entire team. Slack is easy to use, free, and is a great remote working tool.

Hold team meetings, join remote interviews, collaborate with co-workers, and jump on for a quick virtual coffee with your colleagues.

Keep on top of your daily tasks, applications, projects, and even your personal goals with Todoist. A must have for every remote worker.

Keep track of all your tasks and important things to remember. There are a whole range of features included with Evernote. Perfect for remote workers.

Google docs is an essential tool for remote workers. You can collaborate on documents, use templates, and even work  offline.

When you work with multiple tools, it can be hard to remember passwords. LastPass will securely remember and allow you to log in easily.

Remote Employer Tools

Monday is a project management tool where you can effecively manage and collaborate with your entire team in an easy-to-use interface.

Time tracking software to effectively manage your remote team and increase productivity when working from home. Perfect for remote companies.

Hive is a time tracking software, project management tool, and communication platform all in one. Essential for remote teams.

Safety Wing provides remote health insurance for teams globally. This is ideal for companies who have a remote team and are unable to give health benefits.

FreshBooks takes care of invoicing, time tracking, accounting, payments, expenses, and a whole load more features for your business. Also, useful for individuals.

Affordable email marketing software to help agencies, e-commerce, publishers, and anyone looking to amplify their email marketing efforts and succeed online in business.


Livestorm is video conferencing software for holding webinars. This is a great way to provide value to your audience and fit into your sales funnel. You can try it for free below.

A modern and easy-to-use contact management software. The software has a range of features and can help you manage your business effectively and grow with new leads.

Cleverly is a LinkedIn lead generation tool perfect for businesses that target leads on LinkedIn. They have a range of unique features and offer affordable plans to get started.

Remote Working Equipment

This device allows you to have a backup internet connection or have an internet connection while you travel. No power source required!

Working at a home desk can really affect your posture, leading to problems. Raise your laptop, sit up straight, and work comfortably.

This headset is perfect for meetings, conferences, sales calls, webinars, and working remotely. Also if you want to listen to your favorite jams working.

Remote Working Finance

Finance software for taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, freelance expense management, and more. Keep on top of finances with this excellent tool.

Send invoices and get paid online with an easy-to-use platform. Make sure that all your work is documented and tracked through invoices for tax season.

Payment solutions for employers and individuals. You can send and receive money to multiple countries around the world.

Freelancing Tools

Create pretty much anything with Canva. If you freelance you can use it for logos, social media templates, video design, and more.

You can use Shopify to create an online shop and sell anything. This is a popular choice for dropshippers. Sign up below and create your first store.

Setup proposals, invoices, contracts, and much more. You can really excell your freelance business with these awesome features.

Surfshark is a VPN tool that is vital for those working from home, public locations, or traveling. Keep your location private and your data secure today.

Xtensio is a team working platform. You can work with your team in real time and collaborate on documents, launch products, and much more.

Expensify allows you to keep track of all your expenses for tax season. Make sure you document everything and get money off your next tax bill.

You can use PandaDoc to create a number of documents for businesses and individuals. This includes proposals, contracts, invoices, and more.


With WIX you can create your own website with an easy builder and templates, whether it’s is for e-commerce or to start a blog.

If you run ads for your freelance business, Adzooma is the perfect tool. It allows you to optimize your ads to get the most out of them.

Remote Job Courses

Remote Work: Find a Remote Job You Love and Work Online 2021: This course is one of the highest rated and can help you find a remote job.

How to Land a Remote Job: Another highly rated course, this will teach you the essentials for landing your remote job.

Your Realistic Guide to Freelance Blogging: This course will teach you what it takes to start blogging for your freelance income.

Remote Job Books

Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever is a paperback for your backpack, a step-by-step blueprint to travel the world, build a successful career others wish they had, and build a life that most people only dream of.

Forget the old concept that you must work now and live later. Escape the endless cycle that takes you from work to home then work again. You can work where, when and with whom you want, remain financially secure, and live life now.

Does working from home—or anywhere else but the office—make sense? In Remote, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the founders of Basecamp, bring new insight to the hotly debated argument