Remote Community

Remote Community

Join our exclusive Facebook group for remote jobs and digital nomads. At 30,000 members you can join an engaging community to discuss the latest remote job opportunities, interview tips, and more. Discover new posts every day when members share and seek advice in employment, current work, and seeking positions. You may also be interested in remote work to become a digital nomad, this group also covers many topics surrounding digital nomads.

In addition to the remote job Facebook group, a freelance group was created to cater to freelancers. This group has the same formula as the other one, but instead shares freelance opportunities/projects, tips, trends, and more useful information. The group is currently at 6,000 members and is growing fast. We have a diverse community from all over the world and engage in creative discussions every single day.

We also run a LinkedIn remote job group that focuses on the more professional side of remote work. Here we discuss trending news articles, remote job techniques, interview techniques, and there are also active recruiters that post in the group. This group is smaller than the others but still provides incredible value.

You may have heard about Clubhouse and if you haven’t, it is an audio only app for iOS users. The platform allows anyone to host rooms, join in on discussions, and create incredible value. Clubhouse is a fairly new trend, but we are slowly growing a remote community and aim to run regular rooms covering remote work topics.

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