Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads

Top Picks - Digital Nomad Resources

Check out a whole suite of freelancing tools to help your projects become more aligned. This includes proposals, contracts, and time tracking.

Perfect for travel and working. Get the best fees and rates on your money transfers across multiple currencies. you can also get a card to use.

Take an online course and boost your skills. Digital nomads are always looking at unique business ideas and taking a course is great place to start.

Insurance for Digital Nomads

As a digital nomad, it is important to stay insured throughout your travels around the world. Some people prefer to take the risk by not getting insured, but this is not recommended. Digital nomads are at an increased risk due to the extensive amounts of time they spend in different countries. There are many reasons for needed insurance, and you can find out the benefits by clicking below.

Top Picks - Digital Nomad Tools

Blog about your journey and earn money while doing so. Medium is a great platform to earn a side hustle from writing content.

Airbnb is the perfect platform to book affordable accommodation when you are jumping from country to country. Sometimes cheaper than hostels.

Work on freelance projects to supplement your income as your travel. Freelance on the largest freelance marketplace in the world.

Health Insurance for Remote Workers and Nomads

Healthcare in foreign countries can be extremely expensive and sometimes unavoidable. In some countries and with some visa applications, you are required to have health insurance. You should always ensure that you are covered with insurance, even if you think nothing will ever happen. Check out the global health insurance plan and find out how you can be covered from around the world. 

Cards | Banks| Money

Revolut is a digital bank with a whole range of features. You can send and receive money all over the world too. Some countries may be excluded for signup.

Monese is another digital bank for UK citizens. It allows money to be sent around the work, has freelancing tools, and a whole range of other features available.

Charles Schwab is for US citizens and may appear as “not a bank” but, the checking account allos free international payments and withdrawals, perfect for travelleing.

Other Useful Resources

A social media platform essential for those who have busy social platforms or clients. You can also become an affiliate by clicking here, and earn money everytime you refer a new user.

Setup proposals, invoices, contracts, and much more. You can really excel your freelance business with these awesome features. Check out their plans by clicking the button below.

Surfshark is a VPN tool that is vital for those working from home, public locations, or traveling. Keep your location private and your data secure today by downloading the VPN.

Flight Resources

Google Flights is becoming one of the most popular platforms to book flights on. You can check for some of the cheapest fares in an instant.

Skyscanner needs no introduction. It is one of the largest flight searching tools and still probably one of the best out there. 

Skiplagged is an awesome flight search engine that focuses on finding loopholes and error fares. Perfect for finding a bargain flight.

Accomodation Resources

Airbnb is a good option if you want to get a cheap place to stay that isn’t a hostel. Sometimes you need a break to catch up, Airbnb is the best choice here.

Trusted Housesitters is a membership platform where you can apply to house sit and pet sit all over the world. It’s a good choice for free accommodation. is a hotel search engine and can find you great deals on accommodation all over the world. A good option for hotels.

Coworking Resources

Find a selection of co-working spaces all over the world. You can also sign up to host your own workspace too and earn money.

Mainly focused on the US, Common is an awesome platform to find co-living apartments and houses. This can also be used for co-working.

An international network of co-living spaces. This can also be used to discover co-working spaces and other people traveling.