About Us

About Us


My name is Chad, and I am the founder of Remote Jobs Co. This job board is a resource for remote positions, tools, advice, and all things remote work. The site has new remote positions daily and publishes great content to help job seekers and employers with remote work challenges. 

I have a 5-year background in remote work and have also freelanced and been a digital nomad. I am a digital marketer by profession and want to use my skills and remote work experience to help others find, apply, and succeed. Not only that, but I run a number of successful remote work and digital nomad communities, with regular discussions, polls, videos, and advice. 

Remote Jobs Co is a huge passion of mine, as is remote work, and I want to share that passion through knowledge and advice by helping others. Although it is early stages, I am to create one of the largest remote work communities online with a range of different services and features. So stay tuned!

If you want to find out more or contact me, please check the links below.

Chad Wyatt - Founder

Our Goal

The goal of Remote Jobs Co is to not only provide the latest remote jobs from around the world but to also become one of the latest online remote communities. With future projects, there will be live events, courses, resources, and more useful features to build and grow our community. The main focus of Remote Jobs Co is to provide remote opportunities to countries all over the world so people can follow their dream, find employment, and learn about what it takes.

Read My Book

As a full-time and successful digital nomad, I have over 10 years of experience traveling the world and working to sustain my travel habit. This success has taken me across countries all over the world whilst witnessing the jaw-dropping natural beauty and wonders of the world. Whilst undertaking these travels, I successfully built multiple businesses, worked with clients all over the world, completed a university degree, and more importantly learned the most valuable skills to get where I am today. The digital nomad trend is surging and will continue to grow in popularity over the years. The freelance market is expected to grow continuously meaning that more opportunities for remote work are becoming available. Now is the time to make your move into the freelance world and become a digital nomad. This book will guide you through all the steps of becoming a digital nomad and prepare you with all the information you could need. Every aspect of this lifestyle will be covered including popular topics such as "how to find work?" and "problems you may encounter". I am also offering personal support and help with any of the topics covered in this book, the details can be found in the book.